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2 de Enero 2012
Marques De Riscal Tempranillo Reserva 2005, Rioja Spain


In 1858 Herederos de Marqués de Riscal became the first winery in the Rioja to produce wines following the Bordeaux method of slow fermentation and careful blending. This 2005 is hand picked using only the best grapes of the vintage made from 90% Tempranillo with a 10% blending of Mazuelo & Graciano, and aged in American oak barrels for 2 years before bottling for a year before release, thereby softening the tannins a bit.

Deep purple rose colors, with beautiful swirls of umami, tobacco, dark black cherry, spice and a balsamic note on the nose. The palate echoes its spicy nature along with the cherries, but now the cherries are showing a smoky earth, violets and ripeness, and spreading the finish evenly to the back of the tongue in a wave of warmth. And the finish goes on for a good distance.

Depending on where you live you should be able to find a bottle for between $15 and $20 and it can be cellared for at least another 10 years. Alcohol by volume: 13.5%

Winemaker's notes:
A dark cherry color with good depth. Balsamic aromas with hints of ripe fruit, complex and spicy. The attack is fresh and light, with soft, rounded tannins. The finish proves persistent with some reminders of toasted oak. Its passage through the mouth is pleasant and elegant, fresh and easy to drink.

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