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Legal Advice

Information and conditions of use
Legal Information

Article 10 of the “Information Society and Electronic Commerce Act” 34/2002, of 11 July establishes the obligation for all information society service providers to put in place measures which will allow both the recipients of their services and the competent authorities to access by electronic means, in a simple, direct, permanent and free manner, specific information which we provide in this section.

Data of the owners of the web site www.marquesderiscal.com:

Tax ID: A01000306
Address: Calle Torrea, nº 1
                01340 Elciego (Álava)
Tel.: 945 60 60 00
E-mail: marquesderiscal@marquesderiscal.com.
Details of registration entry: VINOS DE LOS HEREDEROS DEL MARQUÉS DE RISCAL, S.A. is registered in the Álava Provincial Companies Register, in Volume 26, Sheet 9, Entry VI-2545.

With regard to the bodega tour section and the sub-domain visitas.marquesderiscal.com, the owner and responsible company is:

Tax ID:  B01342872
Address: Calle Torrea, nº 1
              01340 Elciego (Álava)
Tel.: 945 60 60 00
E-mail: marquesderiscal@marquesderiscal.com.
Details of registration entry: SERVICIOS AGRUTURÍSTICOS RISCAL, S.L. is registered in the Álava provincial Companies Register in Volume 1067, Sheet 17, Entry VI-9070.

With regard to the Asador Torrea section, the responsible company is:

Tax ID:  B01570159
Address: Calle Torrea, nº 1
              01340 Elciego (Álava)
Tel.: 945 60 60 00
E-mail: marquesderiscal@marquesderiscal.com.
Details of registration entry: ASADOR TORREA, S.L. is registered in the Álava provincial Companies Register in Volume 1660, Sheet 78, Entry VI-19100.

With regard to the online store, the owner and responsible company is:

Tax ID:  B01414531
Address: Calle Torrea, nº 1
              01340 Elciego (Álava)
Tel.: 945 60 60 00
E-mail: marquesderiscal@marquesderiscal.com.
Details of registration entry: BODEGA DE LOS HEREDEROS DEL MARQUÉS DE RISCAL, S.L.U. is registered in the Álava provincial Companies Register in Volume 1294, Sheet 66, Entry VI-12147.

Therefore, the references made in this legal notice to MARQUÉS DE RISCAL will be understood to be made to the previously mentioned companies.

Conditions of use of the web site:

By using the www.marquesderiscal.com web site, it is understood that theuser has read, understood and accepted this legal notice, the conditions ofuse, confidentiality policy and other notifications or instructions whichfigure in this web site in their entirety and without reservations, undertakingto make proper use of it in accordance with the law, morals and public order.

If the user does not agree to do so, they must abstain from using thewww.marquesderiscal.com web site.

MARQUÉS DE RISCAL reserves the right to modify the contents, information, termsof the web site, these conditions of use, confidentiality policy and otherlegal notices at any time. In such a case we will inform users via the website.

On the www.marquesderiscal.com web site there may be links to other web sitesof pages belonging to third parties but no responsibility is accepted for thesesince it does not have any control over them. Consequently, the user accessesthem under their sole responsibility both with respect to their content and theconditions of use.

Intellectual property and copyright

The user recognises and accepts that all the brands, trademarks or labels,contents, all the industrial and intellectual property rights, and/or any otherelements integrated into this web site, are the exclusive property of MARQUÉSDE RISCAL and/or third parties, who have the exclusive right to use them ineconomic trade.

In no circumstances does access to the web page imply any kind of waiver,transfer, licence or total or partial sharing of the rights, unless expresslyestablished to the contrary.

In accordance with what is set out in the paragraph above, users of this siteare forbidden to reproduce, copy, share, distribute, amend or use theinformation and contents of this web site, totally or in part, without theprior written authorisation of MARQUÉS DE RISCAL

The contents of this web site may not be reproduced in its entirety or in part,or transferred, or recorded by any type of information recovery system, in anyform or in any medium, unless prior written authorisation has been receivedfrom the aforementioned Organisation.
MARQUÉS DE RISCAL are holder of the rights for the elements which make up thegraphic design of their web site, the menus, HTML code, texts, brands, logos,colour combinations, buttons, images, graphics and any other content of the website, as well as the structure, selection, ordering and presentation of itscontents or, in any case, holds the corresponding authorisation for the use ofsaid elements.

Consequently, the user undertakes to use the web site, its contents andservices in a proper, diligent manner, in accordance with the law, morals andgood uses and practice, public order, good faith and these general conditionsof use, with scrupulous respect for the intellectual property rights whichcorrespond to MARQUÉS DE RISCAL

The user is expressly forbidden to use the web site for illicit, prohibitedpurposes or which harm the rights of third parties or which may, in any way,damage the brand, image or good name of MARQUÉS DE RISCAL

The user shall be liable for damages of any kind that MARQUÉS DE RISCAL maysuffer as a result of the failure to comply with any of the obligations theyare subject to under these conditions that may be applicable. MARQUÉS DE RISCALreserve the right to take whatever legal measures they may deem necessary todefend their rights.

Protection of data of a personal nature

On the www.marquesderiscal.com web site, personal data are collected by variousmeans, whether by forms or the email addresses provided to contact us.

Such data will  processed with respect at all times for the regulations inforce regarding protection of data of a personal nature, and in accordance withthe confidentiality policy described on this web site, which users should readbefore providing their details. In any case, in the forms used for collectingdata of a personal nature information clauses have been included to explain theprocessing that these will receive.

Marketing messages

In accordance with the “Information Society and Electronic Commerce Act”34/2002, of 11 July and the “Measures for Promoting the Information SocietyAct” 56/2007, of 28 December which amends it, users of thewww.marquesderiscal.com web site are informed that they will not be sentpublicity of marketing messages by email or any other comparable electronicmeans without their prior request or consent, which will be obtained via thecorresponding forms provided for this purpose.

In any case, users may object or refuse to receive marketing information sentby electronic media by sending an email to marquesderiscal@marquesderiscal.com,an option which is made available to them in every message sent.

Liability of the owner of the web site

MARQUÉS DE RISCAL do not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements intheir contents, so can accept no liability for damage that may occur in theusers’ equipment or systems die to possible computer viruses that may have beencontracted by the user navigating on the web site.

In the same way, neither does the owner of the www.marquesderiscal.com web sitecontrol or guarantee continued access, or the correct viewing, downloading oruse of the elements and information contained on the web site, which may beimpeded, interrupted or made difficult by factors or circumstances beyond theircontrol, and accepts no responsibility in the event of breaks in service,delays or poor functioning when these are due to causes outside the control of MARQUÉSDE RISCAL, due to force majeure, or that which is due to negligence or wilfulmisconduct on the part of the user.

MARQUÉS DE RISCAL accept no responsibility for any information about us thatmay exist on third party web sites or that may be accessed via browsers orlinks from third parties to our web site www.marquesderiscal.com.

Use of the web by under age children

While the www.marquesderiscal.com web site is not aimed at under aged children,they are allowed access. Nevertheless, if a minor wishes to requestinformation, they will only be able to do so if they are over the age of 14. Inthe case of children under 14 years of age, the person who holds parentalauthority, guardian or legal representative shall be the person to do so,authorising in the name of the minor, the processing of their personal data bythe company, so that those who have minors under their charge accept full andexclusive responsibility for determining the services and contents of this website that are suitable for the age of the minors in their charge.

MARQUÉS DE RISCAL accept no responsibility in the event of the aforementionedminors providing us with their personal data without complying with theseobligations.

Links from other web sites to www.marquesderiscal.com

Persons or bodies who seek to make or make a “hyperlink” from a web pageunrelated to MARQUÉS DE RISCAL to any of the pages of www.marquesderiscal.com shall be subject to the following conditions:

You are not allowed to totally or partially reproduce any of the services orcontents of  www.marquesderiscal.com.

No false, inaccurate or incorrect claim shall be included on the pages of www.marquesderiscal.com nor on the services and contents they offer.

Establishing a "hyperlink" shall not imply the existence of arelationship between MARQUÉS DE RISCAL and the owner of the web site or portalfrom which it is made, nor the knowledge and acceptance of MARQUÉS DE RISCAL ofthe services and contents offered on said portal.

MARQUÉS DE RISCAL will not be liable for contents or services made available tothe public via the web page or portal from which the “hyperlink” has been made,nor for the information or claims they may include.


Cookies are small text files which are stored on the hard disc or memory of thecomputer which accesses or visits the pages of particular web sites, in such away that they may identify the preferences of the user when they return to thesite. The cookies stored on the hard disc of the user cannot read the otherdata stored there, access personal information or read cookies created by otherproviders.

See information about the cookies used on this web site in the section “CookiesPolicy”.

Information about social networks

For detailed information see the section "Privacy Policy”.

Applicable laws and jurisdiction

The activity conducted through the www.marquesderiscal.com web site is subjectto current Spanish law which may be applicable.  

In the case of any dispute or conflict arising between MARQUÉS DE RISCAL andusers of the www.marquesderiscal.com web site, the parties expressly agree tosubmit themselves to the competencies of the Courts and Tribunals of Spain,specifically those of the city of Vitoria, expressly waiving any rights theymay have to other authorities.

Notwithstanding the above, in accordance with the provisions of EU Regulation nº 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013, on the resolution of claims made with regard to consumerism, amending EU Regulation nº 2006/2004 and directive  2009/22/CE, we make this electronic link available for you to access the on-line out-of-court dispute resolution platform: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng=ES

Text dated 28 June 2021