A “jacket and bow tie” wine

XR is not a name in code. This 2015 red reserva wine has a special status. It is the heir and key player in a beautiful story which gives it an aura of its own. This is its biography.

A pure-blooded rosado 

Throughout the Mediterranean basin, in all the summer celebrations, the uninhibited wine, the one invited to all the parties, toasts, moonlight suppers and seaside picnics is this coral-coloured, expressive wine. 

Hitting the bullseye with a white

In the long history of MARQUÉS DE RISCAL (1858) they have enjoyed success after success and a steady stream of prizes and superlative praise from the most discerning critics.

A wine with breeding

We all know that Basque people have strong convictions and they like the food on their plate and the wine in their glass to tell them all about the place that they come from. This is what has given rise to their deserved reputation for being genetically epicurean and grand connoisseurs of the autochthonous culinary keys.