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Commitment to Quality

The Management of Marqués de Riscal, on the basis of their corporate goal of making, producing and distributing wines of the finest quality, declares its commitment, with the Integrated System of Quality, Environmental Management and Prevention of Occupational Risks, and disseminates its policy, for the purposes of defining the working guidelines to be followed in order to achieve the final goal of Total Quality, through Continuous Improvement.

In this way it aims to achieve the optimum performance of the company’s various production processes, by developing the perfect functioning of its workforce and facilities for making the product, clearly defining the operational working method for producing a product of clear quality, not forgetting, in obtaining the end product, the workers’ welfare and the least possible harm to the environment.

To this end, the Management has set out the following guidelines as the basis of the policy of the Integrated System:

    • To disseminate among all the staff of Marqués de Riscal of the Integrated System as an essential tool of the System for Quality, Environmental Management and Prevention of Occupational Risks and thereby be able, together, to comply with the established production processes and detect those non-conformities in the system which work against a maximum quality end product.
    • To boost monitoring activities in order to know people’s opinion of our product and determine customer satisfaction, in order to evaluate in turn the system in place. It will be the customers, through the level of satisfaction with the product they receive, those who will mark the state of health of our Integrated System, evaluating it directly by consuming our end product.
    • To determine channels for operational control, with respect to setting performance targets for the different activities, with the aim of maximising the production process for the good of the ideal production of the end product. Achieving maximum performance will also involve the workers’ welfare and the raw materials and natural resources used to this end.
    • To accept the commitment to organising, and through its executive management, the continuous improvement in its process and facilities. It takes responsibility for drawing up procedures of reference for the performance of an activity, and accepts the commitment to investment in faith of improvements, always bearing in mind that these are appropriate for the conservation of the environment, which will have repercussions on the workers.
    • To take responsibility for providing sufficient resources for achieving a continuous, systematic improvement in the environmental impact, which it may generate through techniques for minimising and separating at source, the development of clean technology, waste recycling and the most appropriate actions at all times.  Consequently, all its new projects will consider the possible effects on the environment that may arise, implementing any necessary improvements to protect workers, facilities and the surroundings effectively.
    • The Company Management undertakes to comply with the applicable Laws and Regulations, as well as to carry out the benchmark standards for quality and environmental management.
    • To undertake to conduct continuous monitoring of its Integrated System, through calling Management Review meetings. Each year the objectives of the Integrated System will be set for the purpose of defining short-term goals in the company with respect to achieving targets and reducing deviations, increasing performance, achieving improvements in the welfare of the staff, obtaining less damage to the environment due to our production activity.