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12 February 2024

Finca Montico and Marqués de Riscal Limousin are now classified as Gran Vino de Rueda


From 2024, Finca Montico and Marqués de Riscal Limousin have become part of the Gran Vino de Rueda classification which the Denominación de Origen Rueda set up in 2021.

These are two very exclusive verdejo wines, Finca Montico, verdejo on lees, and Marqués de Riscal Limousin. Two “high expression” wines which the winery makes from grapes from its oldest vines and which from now on bear the Gran Vino de Rueda seal. These wines meet an essential requirement in order to be considered a great wine: they are made using grapes of the very finest quality sourced from the best vineyards.

What is a great wine?

A great wine is one that has its own personality, that displays extraordinary characteristics which are not found in others, that awakens the senses and lingers in the memory. 

Marqués de Riscal have been making great wines for over 160 years and enjoy the highest recognition all over the world. Wines that are original, fresh and, above all, that have great personality. That is why, with the 2022 vintage, two of the wines that this winery produces in the Denominación de Origen Rueda have become part of the Gran Vino de Rueda category.

Gran Vino de Rueda

A new category which first appeared in 2021 to bring together those Rueda wines that offer added value to the consumer. The wines in this category have a clear gastronomic focus and are made according to rigorous quality controls established by the D.O.

These wines are made from the best quality raw materials and the production process has to meet the following requirements: grapes from vines which are over 30 years old, with a maximum yield of 6,500kg/hectare and a transformation ratio of kilos to litres of 65%. 

With this new category, the Denominación de Origen highlights the importance of old vines and the work of the growers, preserving the heritage of the area.

Two "high expression" verdejos

From now on, the back labels of Finca Montico, verdejo on lees, and Marqués de Riscal Limousin include the Gran Vino de Rueda seal which certifies their quality and their origin.

Finca Montico is a wine with a modern style which offers varietal complexity and good body and finesse. It is a wine to be enjoyed relatively young, although laying it down for a few years will help to increase its complexity and give it an additional interest which will surely surprise.

Marqués de Riscal Limousin, with its refinement and typicity, represents the most outstanding qualities of the Verdejo grape. Its ageing in casks and larger barrels, or “fudres”, made from the best wood, significantly increases its ageing potential. Simultaneously, the source of the grapes which are used to make this wine, all from vineyards aged between 30 and 80 years old, helps to produce a wine whose fragrance and acidity, along with its complexity,