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9 March 2021

With your glasses full, Marqués de Riscal


Marqués de Riscal wants to feel closer to you and wants you to fill your glasses, so we are announcing the launch of our new digital platform, where you will be able to learn about our wines in more depth, buy them, book your visit to our winery or join the “Club Amigos de Riscal”.

Because we don´t want to do things by halves anymore, and because we know all too well what it means not being able to drink a toast with your loved ones. This year, full of hope, we are going to fill your glasses with wonderful things.

After more than160 years of history, love and respect for wine, we want to celebrate the fact that we continue to raise a glass together. In keeping with our commitment to be closer than ever, we present our new online store, because we want you to fill your glasses with Marqués de Riscal wines and drink a toast with your nearest and dearest.

We invite you to raise a glass with us every day, whatever the time, whatever the place and share it on social media.

We love seeing you celebrate with your glasses full!