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19 November 2020

Art and Wine


Text: Mª E. Alberti

Photo: Ana Busto

Wine,  and inspiration and driving force for art and artists for time immemorial and since homo, as well as being sapiens, became a hedonist. Both are the fruit of human sensitivity, intelligence and passion.  To live without art and without wine can only be imagined in an infinitely sad society, but is impossible in  a world that speaks to our senses, to our emotions, our intuition and our intellect. In a world like ours, nobody can live without art and only rarely without wine.  

Lovers and connoisseurs of art and of good wine share the same discernment: they will tolerate neither amateurs nor improvisation,  whether in a painting or in a signature wine.  A painting, a sculpture, a symphony, an essay, a film,  will be appreciated more intensely in the company of a good wine, because drinking while immersing  yourself in a work of art is to achieve perfect harmony. 

It is no surprise then to find this cultural phenomenon in the most prestigious wine cellars on the planet, from Bordeaux to  California and , of course, that the winemaking regions of our country rival each other in architecture and sculpture by the most prestigious artists, by converting their wineries into true centres of culture, such as  Marqués de Riscal, which dazzles those from both near and afar with the hotel and wine cellar complex designed by Frank Gehry, just as famous as their gran reservas. 

There in Rioja they hold exhibitions, present permanent collections, organise cultural events, a glass of wine among friends after a première in a gallery where the refined comments flow freely, enriched by opinions and an atmosphere of cordiality reigns supreme.  What better choice than this Finca Torrea red made from grapes from old tempranillo and graciano vines grown in the estate of the same name in which Marqués de Riscal have their bodega in Rioja Alavesa. 

A wine with a modern character ad style,  setting a trend right from the label itself, inspired by the maps of the vineyard plots drawn by the maestro Frank Gehry himself. A young wine with a less herbal palate than the classic wines of the house, combining great aromatic elegance with a fruity character. The 2015 vintage was  especially favourable, warmer than normal with some welcome rain just before the harvest. What better accomplice for cultivating this great art which is the art of living?